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A dystopian apocalyptic fantasy 

featuring sketches and lyrics.


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The Burnt Sunset is the Firegale blazing on the horizon. 

A super windstorm slams into the eastern United States, unleashing lightning strikes that cause uncontrolled fires, and scorch the countryside, spurring anarchy and exodus. After the final blue sky, ash clouds rain down toxic chemicals killing the young and old while teens suffer one of three fates: burn, daze or evolve.

 As the sun rose, so did the flames.

Baeran Sheridan escapes from the wind-blown flames consuming Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after a girl calls to him on the wind, warning him. Haunted by the girl's voice, Baeran sketches her, knowing her features, learning to love her, long before he meets her.

 After seven silent years, Melody is back.

Solstice Dayton is terrified when the migraine aura flashes return, along with her old friend in the head, Melody, who reveals the future in lyrical dreamvisions. But Solstice learns there is hope in a boy far from her home in Lexington, Kentucky.

In the Firegale's wake, a psychotic subspecies emerges.

The mute leprous Dazers gather in herds, and roam the desolation, forming deadly moshes, crushing all who stand in the way. 


From the ashes, the Pentad arises.

Baeran, Lani, Reese, Deven and Jordin - each with a unique ability - are fated to tame the Dazers and squelch the flames. Solstice can kindle their elemental powers, but she is trapped deep within in a government bunker, tormented by the knowledge that the kindling will lead to her breakdown as it did seven years ago.