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The exciting third book in the  

dystopian apocalyptic fantasy series

The Burnt Sunset.


In the thrilling sequel to The Eventide Blaze, a new power has risen from the ashes branding the Dazers with the sign of the Aurora, controlling them. In the wasteland, where teens suffer one of three fates: burn, daze or evolve, it's up to the gifted to lead.


When all is dark, a new light shines.

Solstice Dayton releases her gift, lighting a battlefield in the midst of an eclipse, changing all of those around her. Five teens are kindled, gaining the elemental powers of aether, air, fire, earth and water.

The only way forward is back.

Baer Sheridan realizes the only way to save the last of humanity is to return to where it all started. But his home will never be what it once was.

The darkness of the underground is the key to the light.

While flames and Dazers rule the surface, Solstice and Baer take to the underground. With their friends they use tunnels, long since forgotten, to race eastward.


Old friends can no longer be trusted.

Naetersen has gained control of the Dazers. As he guides them, they evolve, becoming a species that no longer can be considered human. His army is hungry and food is scarce, making anything or anyone in the wilderness fair game.