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The exciting sequel to 

dystopian apocalyptic fantasy novel 

The Burnt Sunset.


In the thrilling sequel to The Burnt Sunset, the Firegale races across America, scorching all in its path. From the underground survivors emerge, but the young and old are dying while teens suffer one of three fates: burn, daze or evolve.


What was found is now lost.

Baeran Sheridan and Solstice Dayton search for hope in the wild. They are not alone, and not the only ones that have changed. Across the fire-scorched wasteland, strongholds are emerging, led by others like them.

The future is now.

Solstice's dark visions come to fruition. But light still can be found. Sun Maidens unite around her, providing a glimmer at dusk and a gleam at dawn in a world stained gray with ash. 

A country scorched by fire, war, and sun.

The Firegale knows no bounds, consuming what was left. In its wake, Firenadoes form up, threatening all you have survived. Divisions are drawn, and teens line up behind those who support the flame or the daze and those who seek the light.


Dazer continue to devolve.

The country is overrun, and Naetersen holds the only cure. The sickness has spread. Solstice and Baeran are trapped in seas of Dazers, and the only way out is to join them.