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The exciting fourth book in the  

dystopian apocalyptic fantasy series

The Burnt Sunset.


In the thrilling sequel to The Aurora Brand, the world is changing. In the former capital of America a dark power is rising bent on spreading the Daze to the farthest corners of wasteland.


When he is lost, she finds herself.

Baer Sheridan searches for meaning in the wild, determined to capture a little of what was lost. Solstice Dayton races after him, finding herself instead in the desolation. 

Friendship is the key to survival.

Solstice joins up with the Sun Maidens new and old. Together they search in the Firegale's wake for more of their kind.

Evil has more than one name.

The Master in Arnac City has a new ally. The Apothecary is capturing Sun Maidens, and experimenting on them to tame the Daze Pathogen. Solstice is determined to stop him.


New friends are not what they seem.

Baer travels from settlement to settlement in the wilderness looking for allies and the training needed to defeat Naeter. What he finds are friends who are not they pretend to be. Together they march southward setting up an inevitable confrontation with the Master.