Not all who wander should be found.

In the fourth book in The Burnt Sunset Series, Baer searches for meaning in the wild, determined to recapture some of what was lost. Solstice races after him, finding herself. But the world is changing. In the former capital of America, a dark power is growing, and the teens cannot delay returning home for too long.

Only the sun can shatter the darkness.

In the fifth book in The Burnt Sunset Series, Baer enters Arnac City with Narista, determined to destroy Naeter by learning at the foot of the master. Solstice and her new companion Fusion combat Naeter’s reign of terror on the borders of Arnac while establishing a haven for those that oppose him.

Hope can be found among the clouds.

In the sixth book in The Burnt Sunset Series, Solstice finds out her recovery is not what she expected, and before long she slips back into the fight. Baer enters Arnac City determined to supplant Naeter. But Narista, once friend to both, is caught between them and the armies of the dark and light when she acts on her own hidden agenda.