From The Burnt Sunset Series 


Solstice Dayton records her journey at the end of the world.

A rare artifact, this journal of poetry was carried by her while she sought shelter from the Firegale, a wind-blown blaze that sparked the daze virus in the dystopian apocalyptic fantasy series The Burnt Sunset. 


Poetry born of loss and longing for one’s self in a world overrun with change.

It is divided into three parts. The Burn focuses on anger, blaming a society we no longer recognize and its role in altering our sense of community and self. The Daze leads the reader from desperation for progress into depression for lack of it. The Evolve recognizes that the machine that holds us back is often of our own making, but that change is possible with the help of others.

At the end of the world as we know it, the author’s words are crisp and concise, acknowledging that time is more valuable as we fight for salvation. This anthology of poems finds purpose in the descent into madness and strength in the climb back up. Taken and inspired from the author’s collective works, The Solitary Edge dares us to find happiness midway between a sea of melancholy and a summit of mania.


Poetry born from summer love found between warm sunrises and campfire nights. 

Divided into three parts, the Burn focuses on friendship that longs to be more. The Daze leads the reader through the inevitable stumbles of a new relationship. The Evolve highlights the joy of summer love in full bloom.

This anthology of poems finds happiness in celebrating beach life, summer nights, and young love. Taken and inspired from the author’s collective works, The Summer Happy dares us to move beyond a winter of depression into a summer of happiness.