The fire awoke as the sun set on humanity. 

When a devastating wind storm slams into the eastern United States, uncontrolled electrical fires scorch cities and the countryside, spurring anarchy and a mass exodus. As ash clouds rain down toxic chemicals in the wake of the Firegale, psychosis emerges among survivors known as the Dazers. Fourteen-year-old Baeran Sheridan joins with the Seascapers and flees his home, avoiding cities and the fires at all cost. Trapped in the wild between the foul Dazers and roving gangs, called Jackers, Baeran befriends the mysterious girl, Solstice Dayton. When winter closes in, Baeran must opt between the alluring Solstice, a seer of fates and a kindler of elemental powers, or protecting his family on their journey westward while The Burnt Sunset looms on the horizon. 06-21-18


The flames burn brightest at night. 

In the exciting sequel to The Burt Sunset, the fire still rages, trapping Seascapers, Jackers and the Dazers alike.  With the eastern cities and the south destroyed by fire and riots, Baer Sheridan leads his family onward towards Lincoln, Nebraska.  While the Dazers continue to devolve and provide a formidable obstacle, Baer teams up with Solstice Dayton and attempts to understand her dark visions of the future.  With the country scorched by fire, war and the sun, the Sheridan family encounters a seemingly new foe, one bent on imposing its new cult of the sun.  In an attempt to avoid confrontation, the Sheridans loose what they value most and are trapped by The Eventide Blaze. 09-21-18


Dawn's first light is their last hope. 

A new power has risen from the ashes.  The third book in The Burnt Sunset Trilogy tells the story of how a mysterious new power has harnessed the Dazers, branding the multitude with the sign of the aurora.  A solar eclipse fuels the madness of the branded just as Baer Sheridan gambles all that he has, desperate to get back what he values most.  Baer, Lani, Reese, Deven and Jordin - the Pentad, each with a unique elemental power, join with the Presage Solstice Dayton to make a final stand against the fire and those marked with the dreaded Aurora Brand. 03-21-19

The Burnt Sunset