a Dystopian Apocalyptic Fantasy Sci-fi Saga



In the wake of worldwide firestorms, Solstice Dayton and Baeran Sheridan uncover three truths. First, everyone they knew burned. Second, survivors decayed in the daze virus. And third, their only hope was to rise from the ashes and evolve. But Solstice and Baer are not alone. Other gifted teens emerge from the wasteland, and they race to find each other before all is lost.


In The Burnt Sunset series, survivors are trapped between a relentless fire, a pandemic virus, and the dark force that rises in the ash, hell-bent on dominating the desolation.


Fans of post-apocalyptic survival thrillers will devour The Burnt Sunset, a young adult fantasy series with a twist, where teens battle in the wasteland, searching for a haven while struggling to contain their emerging powers. Imagine Percy Jackson mashed up with Divergent and The Hunger Games and you’ve got The Burnt Sunset series.


Will Solstice, Baer, and their new friends rise above the ash or will they fall to shadow and flame? Find out by starting the outstanding dystopian apocalyptic fantasy series today. 

Baer, Selene, and Solstice from The Burnt Sunset series
Solstice Dayton from The Burnt Sunset
The Solstice Dayton: a pre-apocalyptic tale

The Solstice Dayton

One girl shines at the edge of darkness.

Solstice Dayton, a fourteen-year-old epileptic, has seen the apocalypse in her dreams. She could prepare for the end, but that’s not what her visions tell her to do. With only seven days remaining, there are friends to save, a talent show to conquer, and a mystery to solve. 

The Burnt Sunset: a post-apocalyptic saga


The fire rose as the sun set on humanity.

Solstice Dayton discovers three truths in the desolation of the Firegale. First, the government let everyone she knew burn. Second, survivors were doomed to decay in the daze virus. And third, her only hope was to rise above the ashes and evolve. 

 The Aurora Dazed: a dystopian apocalyptic fantasy


The sun’s first light is their last hope.

Solstice Dayton races against time to combat a new power rising from the ashes. While dazers roam the wasteland spreading the virus, an eclipse fuels the madness. As hope fades, she learns the way forward is back and the dark is the key to the light. 

 The Evolved Dawning: a post-apocalyptic fantasy


Even darkness must yield to the dawn.

Solstice Dayton searches for allies in the wild, determined to recapture what was lost. But the world is changing after the flames and the daze virus. In the former capital of America, a dark power is growing, and she cannot delay challenging it for long.

The Sunrise Nadir: a post-apocalyptic war


The sun is bound by shadow and flame.

Solstice Dayton combats the dark power’s reign of terror by establishing a haven. She gathers those that oppose Nadir to her. When it’s not enough, she must venture from safety and challenge evil in its own land.

The Solstar Flare: a post-apocalyptic adventure


When the last lights fail, one still shines.

Solstice Dayton hunts for the mysterious origins of a falling star. She discovers the roots of her true heritage. While kindling the power within her, she finds allies and friendship where she thought none could still be found.

The Seven Sundered: a sci-fi apocalypse


The sun burns brightest at dusk’s dawn.

Solstice Dayton unites the four kinds in a world covered in darkness. She resolves to defend all that remains from a mysterious new force. In a desperate final battle, she sparks the last of the light far from her home.

characters from this series

The Solstice Dayton: The Official Screenplay (a social media apocalypse)

The Solstice Dayton: The Official Screenplay

a social media apocalypse

Solstice Dayton sparks a social media storm with a stolen kiss. Scorned, she leads a revolution to alter how we treat each other online and in person. But the teen epileptic has a dark secret–the world will burn on her birthday. Adapted from the novel of the same name, this official script book is She’s All That mashed with The Dead Zone, a young adult dystopian tale where a first crush intersects with the darkest nightmares.

the Burnt Sunset box set

The Complete Dystopian Apocalyptic Fantasy Series. 

Books 1-7 in a special Kindle bundle.

In The Burnt Sunset series, survivors are trapped between a relentless fire, a pandemic virus, and the dark force that rises in the ash, hell-bent on dominating the desolation.

If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic survival thrillers you’ll devour this young adult fantasy series with a twist, where teens battle in the wasteland, searching for a haven while struggling to contain their emerging powers.  



The Rising Sun Series

a science fiction saga

The Slipstream Theory of Neuro-Quantum Mechanics

Space-time is what you perceive it to be.

Only what you perceive to be real has a quantifiable value.

For both to be true, the opposite cannot be.

Or the universe would cease to exist.

And in the nothing between the something, anything can be.

Because that is where balance can be found perfectly.

The Rising Sun
The Seven Systems


Solstice Dayton journeys deep into the solar system when the earth is in peril, searching for answers. But she is caught between her past and an unknown future. To break free, she must bend time and look beyond her home world to more distant stars.


In The Rising Sun series, Solstice designs her new spaceship, while putting together the crew to operate it. Baer is back, and together they search for Narista, Fusion, Lani, Jordin, Kase, and Eos. Fans of space sagas will mavel at this young adult science fiction fantasy filled with adventure, humor, and forces beyond comprehension.


Will Solstice and her friends conquer the galaxy or will they fall to the ever-expanding universe? Find out by starting the epic science fiction series today.

The Solstice Variant: a science fiction saga


There is no present like your future’s past.

Solstice Dayton rides the slipstream, challenging fate. There are losses she cannot accept, but even the strongest, she learns, are bound by destiny and the choices they make.

The Rising Sun: a science fiction saga


There is no sunrise in the  shadow’s void.

Solstice Dayton searches for her family and the last of their light, finding it in a place least expected. She journeys deep into the unknown, kindling new friendships and enemies while exploring the solar system.

The Dusk Singularity: a science fiction saga


Only a song can beat a singularity.

Solstice Dayton searches for her sister in the center of the dark star Nemesis, the twin star to our sun. Her sister is not who she once was, and only Solstice can turn her again toward the light.

The Astral Seascaper: a science fiction saga


Not all who are saved are better for it.

Solstice Dayton needs allies in the coming Seven-Clan Civil War. With a handful of friends, she explores the other clans and their worlds, looking for help. Because to prevail, she needs a fleet of ships and the crews to fly them.

The Soleria Bane: a science fiction saga

THE soleria bane

In the shadow of the flame rise the dazed.

Solstice Dayton discovers her true self in this gripping sci-fi epic. The galaxy is gripped by war and only an alliance of Elementals can save it. The gang is all back and they’re heading to the center of the galaxy in search of the mythical Terra Prime.

The Lost Solace: a science fiction saga

THE lost solace

Victory is paid for with the blood of friends.

Solstice Dayton must make a difficult choice. On the shore of Terra Prime, everything she’s ever dreamed of comes to fruition. Surrounded by friends, she walks into certain death to challenge the Dazed Unclan. 

December 21, 2023

The Slipstream Echo: a science fiction saga

THE slipstream echo

Haven is what the heart desires most.

Solstice Dayton pays a terrible cost so that others may live. The slipstream theory is real but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences. She’s back in the apocalypse again, doomed to relive the fall of Terra.

March 21, 2024

The Eight Eclipsed: a science fiction saga


Heavy is the head that wears the tiara.

Solstice Dayton accepts her role as the leader of the Sun Clan and builds the best secret superhero hangout ever. Seriously. 

June 21, 2024

The Sunshine Border

a post-apocalyptic western

The Solstice Manifest: a post-apocalyptic western

THE Solstice Manifest

One girl’s dream becomes destiny.

Solstice Dayton flees the war-ravaged east, hiking across the wastelands in search of sanctuary in the west. But her escape doesn't go unnoticed, and she's pursued by a mysterious hunter across the Great Plains. Fans of survival thrillers will devour this young adult apocalyptic tale where a girl from the sewers is tested by the new frontier and the men that control it. 


The Sunshine Border: a post-apocalyptic western

THE Sunshine Border

Sanctuary is not for the restless.

Solstice Dayton finds haven in the West, only to realize it’s not for everyone, nor is it protected. Ravengers have crossed the great river, claiming the last of civilization. With her friends, Solstice expands the Sunderers, and swears to protect Sanctuary and those that live on its boundaries. But just as they build an alliance, war breaks out, threatening all they hold dear. 


The Daylight Range: a post-apocalyptic western

THE Daylight Range

The West was meant to be wild.

Solstice Dayton discovers that Sanctuary is not what she thought it was and that the key to safety lies within the secrets of her own clan. With the Sun Maidens and Shadow Riders, Solstice works with the Sunderers to protect their new home as a sickness sweeps through the West striking down friend and foe. 


 The Savanna Dunes: a post-apocalyptic western


To claim her destiny, on girl must unlock the key to the West.

Solstice Dayton leaves Sanctuary, choosing to cross the wasteland in search of answers. Caught between Ravengers and Dazers, Solstice discovers a new world hidden beneath the desert sands, along with the key to finally getting home.


The Sunbeams Haven Series

a sea adventure

The Solstice Keystone: a sea adventure

THE Solstice Keystone

To escape the past, one girl must embrace the present.

Solstice Dayton trades heartache for a thrilling adventure in Key West, Florida. Arriving at the island with just a deed to a new boat, she discovers a map whose mysterious origins overlap with the legend of Black Caesar. All Solstice wanted to do was go high school at the end of summer, instead she starts a new life where friendship, surfing, singing, and treasure hunting mix.


The Sunbeams Haven: a sea adventure

THE sunbeams haven

The perfect wave is out there, but so is rough water.

Solstice Dayton thought she left her old life behind, trading it for adventure in Florida. But old wounds take time to heal and at sea there are no coincidences. There’s a reason why her grandmother remained hidden all these years. And the answers can only be found on the mysterious waters off Key West.


The Seashine's Wake: a sea adventure


The darkest storms form behind the bluest skies.

Solstice Dayton finds old friends and reconciles with her past. But it’s not enough to quiet the storm in her heart. For even the calmest seas yield to squalls. And the answers she seeks can only be found beneath rough rogue waves.


The Nautical Twilight: a sea adventure


At the edge of darkness, one girl finds the key to the light.

Solstice Dayton has big decisions to make with high school looming on the other side of summer. Does she go back to a place she’s never belonged, or does she forge her own path, charting a new destiny?