After the Firegale, Solstice uncovered three truths.

First, the government let everyone she knew burn.

Second, survivors were doomed to decay in the daze.

Third, her only hope was to rise from the ashes and evolve.

Fans of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson will devour this mash-up of dystopian, apocalyptic, and fantasy worlds.

The fire awoke as the sun set on humanity.

Solstice Dayton is terrified when an aura flash reveals the future in a lyrical vision: teens will suffer one of three fates - burn, daze, or evolve. As the Firegale, a wind-blown blaze, sweeps westward scorching the landscape, Solstice forms a connection with Baeran Sheridan. She guides his escape, drawing the teens together as their worlds fall apart. Soon they discover a destiny worse than the flames. Survivors emerge caught in a daze and decay in body and mind, roaming the desolation and forming deadly moshes. But something even darker is taking shape. Caught between the twin threats of the burn and the daze, Solstice and Baeran must kindle their evolving gifts before the rise of a mysterious new force.

The flames burn brightest at night.

In the thrilling sequel to The Burnt Sunset, the Firegale races across America, scorching all in its path. In its wake, Firenadoes form up threatening Elementals Solstice Dayton and Baer Sheridan. But they are not the only ones who have changed. From the underground teen survivors emerge burnt, dazed, or evolved, joining strongholds across the wasteland. Divisions are drawn, and teens line up behind those who support the flame or the daze, and those you seek the light. Fans of The Burnt Sunset Series will continue to devour this mashup of the dystopian, apocalyptic, and fantasy genres.

Dawn's first light is their last hope.

In book 3 of The Burnt Sunset Series, a new power has risen from the ashes, branding the Dazers with the sign of the Aurora, controlling them. Solstice Dayton and Baer Sheridan race against time when a solar eclipse fuels the madness. Learning the only way forward is back and the darkness of the underground is the key to the light, Solstice and Baer join with the other Elementals to make a final stand against the fire and those marked with the dreaded Aurora Brand.