Burn | Daze | Evolve

In my dreams, the sky fills with lightning, shocking the earth, spreading a living flame as the light of day fades. Ash swirls at my feet while I walk upon the skulls of the fallen. But I am not alone. Six more trek with me into certain peril.

The seas crest and the ground opens up. From the cracks emerge the warped remnants of mankind. Their flesh peels and boils, exploding into a mess of black phlegm and blood. But they are the lucky ones.

Most will burn. Many will decay in the daze. And only a few will evolve.

This is my past, present, and future. And today my doom is upon me.

One girl shines at the edge of darkness.

Solstice Dayton, a fourteen-year-old epileptic, sparks a social media apocalypse after returning from an adventure in the wild. Changed, she learns of a dark secret and foresees the end of the world as we know it.

The fire rose as the sun set on humanity.

Solstice Dayton discovers three truths after the Firegale. First, the government let everyone she knew burn. Second, survivors were doomed to decay in the daze. And third, third her only hope was to rise from the ashes and evolve.

The sun’s first light is their last hope.

Solstice Dayton races against time as a new power rises from the ashes, branding the dazed with the aurora brand. When an eclipse fuels the madness, she learns the only way forward is back and the darkness underground is the key to the light.

Even darkness must yield to the dawn.

Solstice Dayton searches for allies in the wild, determined to recapture some of what was lost in the flames. But the world is changing. In the former capital of America, a dark power is growing, and she cannot delay challenging it for long.

The sun is bound by shadow and flame.

Solstice Dayton combats the dark power’s reign of terror by establishing a haven for those that oppose him. When it’s not enough, she must venture from safety and challenge evil in its own land with the help of her friends.

When the last lights fail, one still shines.

Solstice Dayton hunts for the mysterious origins of a falling star while discovering the roots of her true heritage. Along the way, she kindles allies and friendship where she thought none could still be found.

The sun burns brightest at dusk’s dawn.

Solstice Dayton unites the four kinds in a world covered in darkness, resolving to defend all that remains from a mysterious new force. In a desperate final battle, she sparks the last of the light far from her home.