Chris Ledoux is an artist, engineer, and entrepreneur who creates young adult worlds inspired by Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Lord of the Rings. Since 2018, Chris has published seven novels in The Burnt Sunset series, a dystopian apocalyptic fantasy mash-up. An avid hiker and traveler, Chris writes about environmental disasters, famous landmarks, and survival techniques, imagining them in a post-apocalyptic setting. But the earth and one lifetime are not enough, so he rides the slipstream exploring the galaxy in The Rising Sun series, a new science fiction universe available now. 


The Apocalyptic Now #1

Revelations for The End Of The World As We Know It

Chris Ledoux

March 10, 2023

#postapocalyptic #humor

The Bugout Bag

When prepping for the apocalypse, put a pre-packed bag by the door. Weapons are great, but you may want to consider toilet paper.


Nobody really wears leather pants in the apocalypse. Can you imagine running for life in those? You’d have swamp ass in like five minutes.

Be Prepared

Sleep with your boots on. In an emergency you don’t want to choose between helping little Jimmy or blistered feet.

The Scenario

Know your apocalyptic worst-case scenario. I’m not afraid of being alone in a world like Omega Man but I am terrified of an over-populated world like Soylent Green. I don’t like planetary ape rule either.

Portable Bathroom

A bucket makes a nice post-apocalyptic toilet. Just remember to transport your drinking water first.

Live Now

Live hard now or get on with the dying soon.

Dude, You’re Going to Get It

You are already infected. The disease is just waiting for the right conditions.

You Can’t Save Everyone

Have a predetermined list of who you won’t risk your life for. It will make leaving them easier.

This Isn’t Our First Apocalypse

Religion is just books that survived the last apocalypse.

You Have No Friends

Stay away from people who invite you in from the wasteland for tea.


Don’t sell your water. You’re just asking to be attacked. Hide your resources.

Hide Your Stuff

Never walk back to your stash the same way.

A Little Rust Will Save You

Fancy Vehicles are inviting targets.

If You Get Knocked Down

The most readily available weapon is a rock.

Fort Fenway | The Met Mortuary

The great sport stadiums that survive the apocalypse will become fortresses or tombs.

A New Kind of Fast Food

You need to consider insects as a viable source of protein. The palm weevil beetle can have more than 3.5 grams of protein per 3.5-ounce serving. That’s about the same as steak. Many beetles are herbivores. If it helps, imagine them as mini cows.

Sick Beats

There is no kicking soundtrack to being attacked. You run or fight. There’s no heavy bass line keeping you pumped. It’s just a lot of screams and gulped breaths.


Why does everyone get cool names when the world ends? Because nobody hesitates to kill the Jims, Petes, and Mikes. But if your name is badass, your attacker will hesitate just long enough for you to shoot first or run. I’m choosing Wayfarer or Sun Maiden.

After the First Week, You’ll Be Saying, “Ugh.”

The apocalypse is not as fun as we all thought it would be.

When It All Ends, I Bet You’ll Be Singing

Everything you think you know about the apocalypse is wrong. The world won’t end with a whimper or a bang. It ends with a song.



About the author: Chris Ledoux is the author of The Burnt Sunset series, a dystopian apocalyptic fantasy sci-fi experience see more at Amazon and

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Baer Solstice Creative, LLC, Portsmouth, NH

The Apocalyptic Now #2

Revelations for The End Of The World As We Know It

Chris Ledoux

March 17, 2023

#apocalypse #survival #humor


At the end of the world big dogs will be fine but five-pound pocket dogs will be roasting over fires by day seven.


In the apocalypse memories are a distraction. Someone will shoot you with a poison dart while that montage is playing in your head.

It Doesn’t Matter if You Wear Boxers or a Thong

The number of days you can realistically wear the same underpants without washing is seven.

Hot in the Apocalypse Is Like a 2 out of 10 Now

Survival in the apocalypse means you will be available to participate in the repopulation of humanity. Don’t discount the benefits of being a desirable breeder.

What’s For Supper?

After the apocalypse, you’ll wish you’d spent less time on social media and more time researching squirrel recipes.


Friends don’t let friends fight the undead alone.

The Spatula Defense

Challenge someone to a kitchen fight right now. Knives are off limits because after the apocalypse they’ll all be stolen and you’ll have to defend yourself with a toaster or spoons.

Dark Days

Never light a fire at night or during the day in the apocalypse. There is no safe time to draw attention to yourself.

What’s for Lunch?

Dandelions and cattails are edible. Just know once you start eating them, there is no coming back from the nickname Crazy Weed Eating Guy.

The Dentists Don’t Make It

Floss now because tooth decay is really going to suck in the apocalypse.

How to Sterilize that Cut

You’re going to have to wash out wounds with pee because you won’t want to waste the water.

Packing 101

Your bugout bag likely can only hold forty pounds but you’re still going to want to slip a beer in there.

Razors Won’t be for Legs

At the end of the world men will have beards and women will look like men and nobody will be trying to look hot.

Fashion Forward

Nobody is passing out skintight matching black jumpsuits and mascara at the end of the world.

Your Old Nightmares Will Be Like Daydreams

Reality will be far freakier than anything you can dream up.

Why Does Someone Always Trip?

Bum ankle Jimmy will slow you down.

Leave Jimmy Behind

Be prepared to move at a moment’s notice. Nobody is going to wait for you.

Watch That Guy with Glasses

It’s mister copy machine salesman that ruthlessly takes over your band of rovers not the obvious action hero.

Fences Are a Bad Thing

Once the government herds us together and fences the infected out, it’s too late.

Supper Day 8

The tastiest cut, the filet, of a cat or dog is on the side between the ribs and the thigh.



About the author: Chris Ledoux is the author of The Burnt Sunset series, a dystopian apocalyptic fantasy sci-fi experience see more at Amazon and

Copyright © 2023 Chris Ledoux

Baer Solstice Creative, LLC, Portsmouth, NH