author of the Burnt sunset series


As the sun set on him, the fire burned within.

While riding in 2014, Chris was thrown from his motor scooter in a four-vehicle accident. Over the next few years, he endured arm, abdominal, and spinal surgery, but a story burned within him. Dazed, he fought through seizures to read and write. As his mind re-awoke, the engineer and entrepreneur evolved into the artist, creating flash fiction, lyrics, and sketches that sparked The Burnt Sunset series and fueled his recovery. Since 2018 Chris has published several novels, poetry anthologies, and images, taking control of his narrative. His work is a mash-up of the dystopian, apocalyptic, fantasy, and science fiction genres. If you like The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or Divergent you will devour The Burnt Sunset series.